As an agent of Reliance Industries for Polymers, Resins and Technical Fabric, Rubexco has always aspired to leave no stone unturned in client servicing. From timely price forecasting, to updated information of grade availability, to maximum effort for timely supplies—Rubexco strives to do all this, and more. We lend support to working capital requirement of clients, and constantly give information of discount schemes.

We remain thankful to our buyers who selected us as their Reliance DCA, and wish to repay their trust multifold. Rubexco always maintains a large and well qualified and trained team of personnel, for servicing and total customer satisfaction. We ensure constant client visits as part of our servicing.

Raju Tinwala Business Manager

Krusha Jethva

Polymer Agency

We are agents of Reliance Industries Ltd since 1996, and have emerged as the largest RIL agent in our territory, serving the largest client base. Our Indian Agencies comprises of

  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • Unsaturated Polyester Resins
  • Glass Fibre Fabric

An independent dedicated core team, comprising 6 persons for marketing and 2 for logistics. Our success is derived from knowing the client, their product and end user industry, frequent client visits and providing bridge finance where required. Rubexco takes pride in servicing with attention to the smallest client.

We lend support by imparting product and grade knowledge, and follow price trends closely for guiding client buying decisions.