About Us

Rubexco is the largest seller of Feed Ingredients from India, comprising a range of Minerals and Vitamins, with around 70 clients, in 35 countries covering 6 continents. We represent the best Indian supply sources, and the largest most recognizable industry names are our buyers.

Rubexco Excipients include a range of Calcium Phosphates of quality comparable with the best in the world. Our portfolio comprises of Tablet Binders, Disintegrators, Lubricant and Fillers. We offer a wide range of Food Chemicals.

Rubexco performs the role of a preferred sourcing partner, for a number of its overseas clients. Complete transparency, ability to select the best of the ingredient producers. Adding substantial value by advising on product specifications, certifications, plant up-gradation and testing methods, are all hallmarks of Rubexco’s activity. Years of trouble free supplies extends security and viability to the clients procurement activity.

We are the agents of Reliance Industries Ltd, for Polymers, Resins and Glass Fibre Fabric, for the Baroda / Gujarat Market.

We have a highly motivated, performance oriented team of professionals, dedicated towards complete customer satisfaction. Rubexco staff operate in a spacious and serene environment, with piped music and walls adorned with vibrant art works. Our office is designed to enhance a sense of wellbeing and comfort.

We have sold over 69,600 Tonnes of Chemicals and Polymers in the financial year 2021- 2022, valued at over USD 114.92 Million or Rupees 862 Crore, selling to around 400 clients.

Rubexco – Group Companies

Rubexco group companies are independent entities, with their own dedicated management teams. These companies are highly successful in their business, and are recognised names in the market place.

Rubex – Canberra is engaged in manufacture of
Calcium Phosphates and Calcium Carbonate Granular.